22 before 23

I wrote a list of 22 things to accomplish before I turn 23. I’m keeping it here as a page to keep myself accountable!

Here I’ll keep everything updated and check things off as I go!

22 before 23
1. Take a bartending class
2. Get a tattoo
3. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee
4. Serve dinner to the homeless
5. Go somewhere I’ve never been
6. Climb a 14er
7. Go snowboarding
8. Watch the sunset with someone I love
9. Go to 5 4 concerts
10. Bake a real cake
11. Do 15 pushups, on my toes
12. Get another ear piercing
13. Take a cake decorating class
14. Stay up to date with Hair Bows and Butter
15. Throw a dinner party
16. Take a dance class
17.Try 17 12 new beers
18. Pitch 3 2 new show ideas
19. Start planning an international trip
20. Keep a 1 in 1 out policy with shirts
21. Read the whole Bible (I’m already almost done with Exodus)
22. Take care of myself


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