Thankfully Thrifted Thursday-Martini Glasses

My roommate and I have started a tradition, Martini Monday!

On our first night we didn’t actually have martini glasses and it really just wasn’t all that charming.

So what do two single girls do who have no martini glasses? They go thrifting!

We decided we didn’t want matching ones, there isn’t really anything in our apartment that matches and we like it that way.

These are the glasses that we found.


It’s the Eiffel Tower! It’s just tacky enough and we love it!


It has just a touch of blue, which I love!

So there you have it, we found ourselves some extra classy martini glasses! Love!

Now for what I’m thankful for this week 🙂

I am thankful for simple, calm moments.

I am thankful for friends who have a heart to serve.

I am thankful for a wonderful house that I love to come home to.

I am thankful for a chance to express my creativity.

I am thankful for the ridiculousness of life (like my roommate and I doing the same scared dance when we realized the bat still lives on our deck).




Soundtrack Saturday-The Avett Brothers

Happy Weekend!

Did you have a great Friday night?  I know I did!  It’s so nice to get those few days “off” (I always end up having SO much to do on weekends).

Today I’m coming at you with a song from a band that my sister introduced me to (are you seeing a pattern here, my sisters and I share a lot of music, it’s great that we all have pretty much all the same taste)

This song is such a sweet song!  It’s relaxed and romantic and all around a great song to start (or continue) your Saturday with!

Hope you enjoy it!



Thankful Thursdays

I came across a blog called A Complete Waste of Makeup (great name right!) today and she has a link up party called It’s Ok to be Thankful Thursdays.

I was instantly in love with this idea because to be honest today I was struggling through this day.  I was really tired and maybe border-line grumpy, I needed a pick me up and this idea was perfect!

This may become a regular feature here, wouldn’t that be great!

Here’s my list:

I am thankful that I have a job, and a job that I love 90 percent of the time.

I am thankful that I have the world’s most wonderful roommate who is such a sweetheart and so encouraging.

I am thankful that I have people in my life who love and support me and want to see my “succeed.”

I am thankful that my family loves me and is letting me grow up and figure this whole thing out.

I am thankful that I have this small corner of the internet to share my thoughts and recipes, and that people are actually reading it!

There you have it.  That felt good!

What are you thankful for?  Join the link up!



Weekly wrap up

So we’re back and I’m sure you’re sick of me saying this but this was a wonderful, beautiful week!  Nothing helps to teach you how loved you are better than a birthday!  People band together to celebrate with you and love on you.

I had a great week of outings, great food and drink and fabulous community!

I am so blessed!

Check out the beautiful flowers for sale at Whole Foods.  I didn’t buy anything, but like any devoted Instagramer I did stop for a photo 🙂

After work on Friday I went out for a coffee, I loved the flower on the table 🙂

Birthday party prep (I’m the nerd who bakes my own cupcakes).  That right there my friends is a lot of cream cheese, butter and sour cream, I’m making about 60 cupcakes for the weekend!

My niece and nephew stayed at my parents house on Saturday night, what a cute moment they had on Sunday morning.  They’re kind of my favorite.

I love when I get to snuggle a bit with my niece.  She’s such a sweetie!

I did some gluten free baking and what a smashing success!  They actually rose!  (Recipe coming in June :))

Here are those same gluten free cupcakes nice and frosted.

Working Closet challenged us to a 30 day “get dressed” challenge.  This was day one (conveniently my birthday, so I totally wanted to look adorable anyway!  Can you believe that dress is from a thrift store, love!)

My sister took me out to lunch and grabbed me this finger tattoos from a vending machine.  So much fun to be had!

Look at how crafty my co-worker is!  She made this bouquet for me out of duct tape for my birthday!

All the wonderful treats I got on my birthday 🙂

The wonderful people who went out for birthday drinks with me.

Get dressed day 2

Get dressed day 3 (playing with stripes, I think it works).

I got to do some shopping!  I’m moving out, hooray!  Check out all those towels (I bought everything for my bathroom this week at Ross and TJ Maxx, score!)

A delicious birthday treat with my wonderful friend.  Thank you Keegan Gerhard!

Get dressed day 4

My sister and I out at my birthday dinner, I posted this picture a bit late.

Ah what a week!  It’s been so busy but so wonderful, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  There is so much more to come!

I hope you had a beautiful week as well, and if not then I hope that next week you can find joy even in just the small things. Enjoy!









Whimsical Wednesday-week 3

Another week and more beautiful ideas to share with you!

There is so much to love!  I thought about picking a theme but I was inspired by hair, cupcakes and tutorials this week so I decided to just leave it as a grab bag.

Here goes nothing!

The plan is to attempt to do this for my birthday part y hair.  We’ll see if it turns out or not 🙂

These drawer shelves are amazing!  Now if only I could get my hands on some vintage drawers (and not a whole dresser…)

Yum!  Fudgesicles, too many calories?  I think not, these are just coconut milk, cocoa and bananas.  Yum!

I found the blog Sincerly, Kinsey this week and fell in love.  I want to try all of her projects but especially the above (how cute is that!) and the two below (I already ordered tiny glass jars 🙂



How cute are these!  They definitely inspired me to throw a mustache themed welcome home party!

I’m hoping to get a tattoo within the next month or two.  I really like this placement.

And I’ve always wanted one on my foot 🙂

Look at how cute this braid is!  I love the pink hue (although I’m more of a blue/purple girl myself).  Some colored tips may be in my future (even if it’s just a tint I don’t think I could do whole head.)

There you have it!

Welcome to the wonderful, spazy world of my brain.  I wish I could do everything all at once.  Hopefully I’ll get some of those crafts completed and show off the results to you!

Have a wonderful week.



Whimsical Wednesday-Week 2

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! This week I searched for some great ideas for you for gifts for your moms as well as ideas for brunch (what mom doesn’t love brunch!?!).

I’ve found over the years that the best gift I can give either of my parents is to just hang out with them, cook with them and eat with them. At my house, however, we have three events all usually within a week: Mother’s Day, my birthday and my sister’s birthday, so we end up doing one big celebration (often church and then family brunch). It’s so much fun to get the whole family together (minus the one sister who lives out of state).

Here’s some inspiration for those of you still searching for gifts for you moms, enjoy!

This adorable little card will warm the hearts of moms of little kids and big kids alike.  You can find a tutorial here.

This little cupcake bouquet is gorgeous! (However I love anything with cupcakes). Found here.

If you’re an adventurous baker (who’s skilled in fondant) you can surprise your mom with this gorgeous flower pot cake!

What mom doesn’t want to be pampered?  Go the extra mile and make her some sugar hand scrub (she’ll love the gift and be impressed with your skill 🙂

This beautiful brunch spread is perfect for Mother’s Day.  Sit down chat and enjoy brunch 🙂

This necklace caught my eye, and I think it’s gorgeous and the perfect way for a mom to keep her kids close to her heart.

What a beautiful piece of art.  You can do it yourself too, if you’re feeling adventurous.  Make a list of all the things you love about your mom and grab some wood, stencils and spray paint, she’ll love it!.

I hope you were able to find some fun Mother’s Day ideas.  I know all moms are different, but all moms love their children and almost anything that they give them (based on my experience anyway).  Make sure to treat your mom extra special this Sunday (just think of all the crap she had to put up with through the years :).