Sunday School-Banana Nut Brunch Bundt

Banana nut brunch bundt, trying saying that three times fast!

The great news about this cake is that it’s practically dessert but the bananas make it totally ok for brunch, which means you’re a winner!

The cake is dense, flavorful and moist.  It’s so yummy with some scrambled eggs, some fruit salad, and it’s pretty easy!  You could definitely make it the night before and take it to brunch, super fancy style!

Love brunch, wish I could have it ever Sunday 🙂

Banana Nut Bundt

adapted from Taste of Home

1/3 cup butter

1 1/4 cups sugar

2 eggs


2 large mashed bananas

2 cups flour

1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda


1 cup sour cream

chopped walnuts

powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350.  Grease a bundt pan, extra well!  I always freak out about it, so I use a lot of spray.

In a large bowl add the butter and sugar.  Cream with a mixer together until lighter in color and slightly fluffy.  Mix in the mashed bananas.

Add the eggs and vanilla to the butter mixture and mix well.

In a medium bowl mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt

Add 1/3 of the flour to the butter mixture and mix until incorporated.  Add 1/2 of the sour cream.  Add another 1/3 of the flour, then the last half of the sour cream and finally, the last 1/3 of the flour.

Scrape the sides of the bowl and then mix in the chopped walnuts.

Pour the batter into the greased pan.

Bake for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Remove the cake from the oven and turn upside down on a cooling rack.  Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

When the cake is removed from the pan dust with powdered sugar and sprinkle some more chopped nuts on top.

Enjoy, my loves!





Weekly Wrap Up

Ah Friday, you have finally made it.

Isn’t strange how your first week back from vacation is either insanely fast or incredibly slow.  This week has been the latter for me. Monday felt like Wednesday, and that’s never a good sign.

Sorry I missed last week, but as mentioned I was away working at a camp, there wasn’t a lot of Instagraming happening.

However, this week I’m taking you all the way back to two weekends ago, to get all caught up!

My first ever Smash pages!  I love Smashing so much (have you picked up a Smashbook yet?)

I thought these cupcakes looked so pretty in the morning sunshine, Strawberry Lime, not my best work but reasonably good.

Cinnamon pancakes!  I shared the recipe here.

My roommate and I went out to a tea shoppe that makes food that is all made with tea.  I got pulled pork sliders, yummy!

I tried to “competition” at a Food Truck party, not to have an ego or anything, but I win.

Camp cupcakes!  Malted Chocolate, Spicy Mango, and Orange.  They were all gone on Friday afternoon 🙂

After I got back donuts sounded amazing.  So that’s what the roomie and I did, they were delicious!

We had an insane downpour here in Denver on Saturday.  I just waited it out in my car while waiting for my friend to show.  We got new ear piercings :))

Banana nut bundt anyone?

It’s pretty much a miracle that my full sized cake came out, but it did, and it was gorgeous!

This picture is not as exciting as it looks.  Hooray Casa Bonita!

A lovely day in the park listening to some free music.  I love trumpet players (there was one that was potentially attractive).

My lovely hair pins from Petunia Blooms.  I love them!  (You can also see the new piercing :))

And last but not least, I died a piece of my hair blue.  Finished pictures when I have a finished hair do!

Have a lovely weekend!



Instagram Wrap Up

Hello lovely people and happy Friday!

So I’ve decided that Friday’s are a perfect day to do a little weekly wrap up via my Instagram photos!  I’ve had Instagram for about 6 months now and in the past month or so I have decided that, in order to help myself see the beauty in my world, I will take at least one photo a day and post it to Instagram.

I didn’t really realize how much fun I had this weekend until I started gathering all the photos for you here.  What a brilliant way to find the beauty!

So here you are, my super glamorous life via my Instagram photos.

Nothing like a nice cup of tea to get you through an afternoon at the office.

My friend decided that we should throw ourselves a 2nd Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful success, so much fun!

After the above Apples to Apples game my cards told me that I am apparently “Obscenely Fun.” Yeah…I’m that awesome.

Brunch? Yes! Always in! I’ll bring scones!  I made strawberry scones and some lemon curd to spread on top…delicious!

I had an eating day, the night after brunch we went to a food truck party that was a fundraiser to support a local food bank.  I got a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries.  My sister, nephew and I all had popsicles for dessert.  Everything was delicious!

So I take a lot of pictures of food.  Might as well confess that this muffin and tea was definitely my dinner while I took some time to myself to read.

April 30th was Oatmeal Cookie Day.  I wasn’t going to bake that night but I was so inspired that all I could think about was making an Oatmeal Cream Pie cupcake.  Success! (recipe to come in the future).

Those cupcakes needed a place to go.  My church is currently doing a series called Swingsets and Suffering.  There is a lot of truth in it and a lot of painful moments, but it’s such a healthy way for the community to grow!

Hair bow!  I made this one following a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.  A tutorial for this hairstyle to come soon.

At work we have these editing keyboards that are all colorful and fun!  While I was sitting in front of them the other day I realized how beautiful they are.

One of the ladies at work always gives out these little chicks for Easter.  My friend just gave me the yellow one cause she’s going to be gone for a few weeks.  Now I have a whole family!

Mocha Cupcakes!?! Yup, I did it.  Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and coffee cream cheese frosting.  The perfect thing to bring to book club.

You know how book clubs are, right?  We really like wine!  I brought the makings for a blackberry-lime sangria.  It was so light and refreshing.

Book club was such a great night last night.  A bunch of fabulous women gathered together, it’s my favorite Thursday of the month for sure! (I’ll be doing a little book club wrap up in a few days).

And a great end to the week of Instagram.  My mini bundt pan came in the mail!  I’m so excited to experiment with it!  (I believe I will be making Mexican chocolate mini bundts for Cinco de Mayo.)

So there you have it.  My humble life through the eyes of my cell phone camera!  I really enjoyed wrapping this all up, it reminded me how many special moments I’ve had this week.  If you have a smart phone I would highly suggest downloading Instagram and taking the challenge to look at your life through a different lens, it can really change your perspective.





Whimsical Wednesday-Week 1

I love May.  May is a good month.  It’s spring time and it’s beautiful.  The flowers are blooming and there is just so much joy…plus it’s my birthday month!  Which makes it all even better!

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

This double bun is adorable, and so easy!  For a tutorial click here.

I also love this crossed fishtail.  I’m working on figuring it out for you…maybe there’s a tutorial in the future 🙂

I’m gathering the necessary items to make this “hair necklace.”  You can find the tutorial here.



This little mini bundts were so adorable that they inspired me to order my own mini bundt pan.  I’m so excited and I don’t think I can wait until next week for it to come…but I guess I have no choice!  It’s going to be a whole new world of baking and I can’t wait to tackle it!

Well, there you have it, hair and baking, two of my favorite things.  There wasn’t a ton that caught my attention this week, but these few things are enough to totally inspire me.

I also find myself inspired by some of the most random things.  The realization that April 30 was “Oatmeal Cookie Day” got my mind reeling, developing an Oatmeal Cream Pie Cupcake (recipe to come).  It’s more than just pictures that inspire me, it’s real life!  The little details can be huge sources of inspiration, so pay attention~