Whimsical Wednesday-Week 11

Ah Wednesday.  You torment me with your wishful thoughts of the weekend but the large amount of time left before Friday night.

You taunt me with the fact that I have yet to exercise this week and that I’m a huge slacker…yeah.  About that.

I’ve been super slacking on this healthy thing recently, it’s bad, really bad.

I mean with all those cupcakes in my life there has to be some sort of balance, right?  Yeah, still figuring that out.

I found a whole bunch of great plans that you can do at home to help jump-start getting into shape.  Now I just need to do them!

There are a couple of other exciting nuggets in this spread as well.


Very straight forward, do the designated workout each day (possibly in addition to something else).  Simple enough.


If you really wanna work out, hit up this cardio circuit.  I’m tired just reading it!


Again, straight forward, do it everyday.  Gosh it sounds so simple when you just say it.


A simple little work out.  Can totally do that at home (my roomie might think I’m insane.)


This is interesting.  It lets you off the hook 20 percent of the time!


Again, you can do this at home, are you doing it yet?  I’m not (sadly).


This is where I want my mind set to be.


This website is great.  It really put weight loss into perspective, you should definitely check it out!


Truth, plain and simple.


I’ve done something like this before, now I just need to do it again!

Are you motivated yet?  Maybe tonight I’ll go for a run…or maybe I’ll just pound through a few more episodes of my guilty pleasure show…”Drop Dead Diva.”  I guess I could do some squats while watching.




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