Whimsical Wednesday-Week 9

In my normal life I have a hugely disgusting amount of conversations about cupcakes. Different flavor ideas, what I’m making them for, my new pans, etc.

My friends and I often sit around and chat about new flavor ideas, which ones were their favorites, and it’s a really great way to get new ideas for recipes.

This week I came up with ideas for Strawberry Balsamic Cupcakes, Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes, Shirley Temple Cupcakes, Olympic Cupcakes (my friends are going to be having an opening ceremony party), and some times I need some recipe help.

I turned to the interwebs and found some great ideas!  I plan on making them my own but it’s nice to have some guidelines.


Strawberry balsamic buttercream on top of a chocolate cupcake.  Yes please!


I have dreams about making a Shirley Temple Cupcake, look at how amazing this one is!


My friend mentioned Pineapple Upside Down cake, wow, this one is amazing!


Key lime is my favorite kind of pie, so why not bake it into my favorite dessert!


These are absolutely perfect peanut butter and jelly cupcakes!  How cute!


The Olympics are coming up!  Look at how perfect these Olympic cupcakes are!  I have big dreams…

There you have it my friends, my brain on a daily basis.  I am pretty much always wondering what I can bake into a cupcake, if you ever have any ideas let me know!




10 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday-Week 9

  1. Oh man, oh man! I wish I had a friend who liked to bake & would make these lovely things for me! Haha. :] But really, this sounds fun. Good luck & don’t forget to share it with us when you’re done. :]
    -Zie Darling

    • You have in til the opening ceremony on July 27! My friend I throwing a party and I’m making cupcakes but I think I’m going to make a bunch and lay them out in the shape of the rings (at least that’s the plan!)

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