Whimsical Wednesday-Week 8

As most of you may know, I just recently moved.  It’s interesting to try and rearrange a new home.  I want to make the most of my space and I want to very intentional start new habits relating to organization.

The problem is that there isn’t a lot of storage space in my new apartment.  I have a huge closet with only two shelves.  So I’ve been looking for some creative solutions to this problem.  So far these are the ideas I’ve collected!


I already bought a frame to attempt this earring hanger.  It would look really cute inside my closet.


This old drawer is a perfect jewelry box.  It’s so rustic and cute and super functional (which really is MOST important).


What an amazing medicine cabinet.  Making the back of it magnetic is such a genius move!


Printable labels for your pantry.  I have some jars but I’ve just been using painters tape to label this.  This printable is way cuter!


I love this key holder, mail station.  We don’t really have a good drop place when we first get inside and I would love to have something like this.


I love this old metal mesh organizer.  It’s so cute and perfect for important things you need to remember in the morning!


And of course, I couldn’t have an organization post without some mason jars.  I love this idea with the rustic wood and the mason jars.  It’s such a great way to organize this.  Now if I could find a place to hang it…

I’ll keep you updated, hopefully I’ll get at least one of these projects done, we’ll see!  Really what I need is a good place to put shoes.  Any ideas?




3 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday-Week 8

  1. These are super cute! I’m moving too and I REALLY need to get some organization of my stuff done before moving it all to a new place. Maybe I’ll try a few of these projects too 🙂

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