Whimsical Wednesday-Week 2

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! This week I searched for some great ideas for you for gifts for your moms as well as ideas for brunch (what mom doesn’t love brunch!?!).

I’ve found over the years that the best gift I can give either of my parents is to just hang out with them, cook with them and eat with them. At my house, however, we have three events all usually within a week: Mother’s Day, my birthday and my sister’s birthday, so we end up doing one big celebration (often church and then family brunch). It’s so much fun to get the whole family together (minus the one sister who lives out of state).

Here’s some inspiration for those of you still searching for gifts for you moms, enjoy!

This adorable little card will warm the hearts of moms of little kids and big kids alike.  You can find a tutorial here.

This little cupcake bouquet is gorgeous! (However I love anything with cupcakes). Found here.

If you’re an adventurous baker (who’s skilled in fondant) you can surprise your mom with this gorgeous flower pot cake!

What mom doesn’t want to be pampered?  Go the extra mile and make her some sugar hand scrub (she’ll love the gift and be impressed with your skill 🙂

This beautiful brunch spread is perfect for Mother’s Day.  Sit down chat and enjoy brunch 🙂

This necklace caught my eye, and I think it’s gorgeous and the perfect way for a mom to keep her kids close to her heart.

What a beautiful piece of art.  You can do it yourself too, if you’re feeling adventurous.  Make a list of all the things you love about your mom and grab some wood, stencils and spray paint, she’ll love it!.

I hope you were able to find some fun Mother’s Day ideas.  I know all moms are different, but all moms love their children and almost anything that they give them (based on my experience anyway).  Make sure to treat your mom extra special this Sunday (just think of all the crap she had to put up with through the years :).




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